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In today’s connected world starting an online store has become a norm for retailers to meet the demands of growing customers. There are many options available for people to develop an interactive, responsive, and flexible E-Commerce store, But nothing can bring unbeatable features like the Inventsuite platform. One of the best e-commerce website development platforms for developing profitable B2B and B2C websites.

Inventsuite experienced development team suggest building a result-oriented e-commerce website using the advanced features of Inventsuite. Since every business owner expects a flexible, scalable, and agile E-Commerce solution, Inventsuite offers robust functionalities to bring in fast growth and development. One can easily manage end-to-end E-Commerce business using Inventsuite.

In this article, we will look at the main reasons why Inventsuite is the most acquired E-Commerce platform among large, medium, to small organizations in India.

Few Things to Know About Inventsuite e-commerce website development

Inventsuite was developed and launched during the upsurge demand for E-Commerce solution during the Covid pandemic and within a short period of time, the platform has witnessed several upgrades, new feature additions, and more. It is one of the most advanced E-Commerce platform in demand by entrepreneurs, online companies, merchants, vendors, and more. It gives you a futuristic growth approach to create or upgrade your existing E-Commerce store to Inventsuite with the help of a Inventsuite development company.

Top Reasons Why Investing In Inventsuite Website Development Is Profitable For You

1. Loaded with Rich Features

Inventsuite breaks down the monotony some of the key players providing only a defined set of features to create and upgrade your E-Commerce platform. Its custom module based approach provides all the required features that are suitable for different businesses. From managing your stores inventory to sales and digital marketing or your complete employee management, Inventsuite has it all.

2. Interactive Design Elements

With 100s of themes to choose form, one can ensure an eye-catchy and interactive E-Commerce website design while attaining complete flexibility with Inventsuite. Just like other CMS’s like Drupal, WordPress, etc., Inventsuite ensures a better user-experience to admin, developers, and customers. It offers a feature-rich E-Commerce solution and essential integration to design as you like it.

3. State of the Art Tech Support

If your business need regular E-Commerce updates, information, and support, then rely on Inventsuite’s reliable tech support at all times to stay updated and secure your platform.

4. No complex Hosting Requirements

Choosing a hosting for an E-Commerce website is an important task to finalize the range of space you need for your E-Commerce website. Unlike Volusion and Shopify, Inventsuite offers the backing of AWS cloud that fits your requirements and budget with complete end-to-end security. On the other side, you can also select your preferred choice of hosting while migrating to the Inventsuite E-Commerce platform.

5. Responsive Web Design

Responsiveness web design is an essential feature of any E-Commerce website. It helps to ensure smooth access to the website on any type of devices. Considering this, Inventsuite offers a responsive design element to smoothly run the website on different mobile, tablet, laptop, and other devices. Inventsuite supports advance features like image scaling and compression, HTML5 capabilities, AV capabilities, gesture controls, and more.

6. Multilingual Support

If you are looking out for an E-Commerce store that can be converted into different languages, then you can completely rely on Inventsuite. The multi language support of this platform allows you to create interactive e-commerce stores in different languages. You can set the descriptions, currency, and price according to different geographical standards.

7. Optimum Security

Inventsuite brings optimum security at the core. Having a solid base of advanced technologies ensures complete security and reduces the risk to a minimum level. Inventsuite takes high-end security measurments like payment options back by PCI standards for maintaining data security.

8. Easy Integration

Last but not least, the platform ensures easy integration of third-party tools and software to maintain flexible functions. It gives the addon support to integrate several tools and extensions to make logistics, shipping and payment gateway seamless and smooth for the user.

Wrapping Up

Inventsuite is not just one of best E-Commerce solution in the market, It is something more than that. It offers advanced functionalities and robust features to create an effective e-commerce platform to ensure business success. Get the required support for B2C and B2B e-commerce web development from a reliable Inventsuite development company. Feel free to get in touch with the experienced technical team to get proper guidance on to how to start an E-Commerce website with Inventsuite.


1. How Long Does it Take to Develop an E-Commerce Store with Inventsuite?

The time-frame for developing an E-Commerce store on Inventsuite depends on several factors like the features you want, scope & size of the project, functionalities, third party tool integration, and more. You can get in touch with the support team regarding Inventsuite E-commerce development.

2. Is that Possible to add unlimited products and categories to a store?

Yes, you can easily add unlimited products and categories as per your stores requirement and without any additional cost like other platforms.

3. How Much Does Inventsuite Cost?

It depends on the complexity and hourly rate of Inventsuite developers. For now the license for Inventsuite is free one just have to pay for the hosting and development of the website

4. Does Inventsuite support mobile application support?

Yes, Inventsuite advanced data management system supports both android and iOS support along with the web-store. You can easily launch a unique single brand store or a multi brand store with Inventsuite.

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