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Pataa - Address Made Simple

Navigating, explaining and finding addresses is not as easy as it seems! How annoying it is when a delivery guy calls you repeatedly for your address or a cab driver a few meters away roams around to get your exact location. What if your address could be made simpler?

The Pataa app is based on an innovative concept that simplifies your long complex address into a unique short code that is easy to share, remember, search and navigate. No more explaining and typing of addresses repeatedly.

Our smart and seamless digital addressing solution simplifies all the issues that arise due to complex addresses and optimizes commuting, navigation, logistics and last-mile delivery. The navigation technology lets you minimize fuel wastage and your carbon footprint too!

  1.  Create your own short code for your long address
  2.  Search & navigate to exact location with precise blocks
  3.  Guide address with your own recorded voice

Explore these incredible features and much more through the Pataa app. So, say goodbye to your long and confusing old address and hello to your new Pataa. Join the revolution and download the Pataa app now!

The e-commerce, logistics and other enterprises looking for efficient ways for their staff to commute can also benefit through our technology.

Pataa lets you – · Ensure that your delivery workforce navigates optimally via the shortest routes · Cut call and delivery costs and make efficient deliveries in the first attempt · Easily integrate our technology with your routing, delivery or logistics system · Delight your customers via faster deliveries and no hassles of explaining address


About Us

No. of Employees
Legal Name
Pataa Navigations Pvt. Ltd.
Incorporation Status
Private Limited Company
Navigation Technology, Google Maps Alternative
Founded On
Mohit Jain, Kamal Jain Kumar, Rajat Jain

Contact Information

201, The Agrawal Corporate House, near Agrawal Public School, Sector B, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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